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Despite having it all, are your joys still falling short?

Like may be you have a good looking body but you still feel handicapped without an inhaler…?

Or may be you are highly competent but still your performance gets compromised with the disruptions and uncertainties that Asthma throws up?

Or may be you have a loving family and friends but still you are unable to enjoy some activities with them due to the limitations that Asthma levies on you?

Or may be you have amazing qualities and skill set but still others are preferred over you due to Asthma? 

Or may be you have a good life but laden with fear or anxiety about Asthma getting worse or out of control?

If any of this is true for you, perhaps you feel frustrated at times or secretly wish you could just turn everything around…

Fortunately, there's a solution!


The Easiest Way To Completely Reverse Asthma WITHOUT Any Side Effects!

Join Roshni Mehrotra As She Swiftly, Safely & Easily Rewires Your
Mind Using Neuro-scientific Technique In An Exceptional Way.

No More Dependency On An Inhaler

No More Worries About Drastic Side Effects

No More Living With Fear

The 21 – Day Asthma Reversal Challenge empowers you with remarkable tools and precise subconscious reprogramming, under the guidance of Roshni Mehrotra, herself.

With the new empowering neural pathways created in your mind, you would experience a profound shift in your symptoms at a cellular level.

The processes shared here allows you to generate positive beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviour, automatically, so that you cope with external triggers in the most efficient way, without any negative impact on your health.

This deep processing, sets you free from past traumas and old negative conditioning that blocked your recovery so that you can truly live a life of abundant joy, fulfilment and wellbeing. 

This Challenge is not an ordinary course and would not be a best fit for you
if you only plan to read, listen and learn from the course. This is for action takers
who feel their time has come to reverse Asthma and are ready to the tasks as guided, implement the techniques and undergo the processes to ring in the shift.

When You Join Roshni On The 21-Day Journey, You Will Learn How To:

Enable Your Recovery

Discover and clear your limiting beliefs that are restricting your recovery.

Reverse Symptoms

Discover and clear the root cause of Asthma and begin to suppress attacks without needing an inhaler.

Reconstruct A Healthy Body

Begin to return your body to its original functioning.

Resolve Stressors

Understand your critical stressors and resolve them.

Maintain Good Lifelong Health

Know what you need to do to prevent relapse and any other disease in future.

See What Others Are Saying About This Challenge




CEO, Be In Nature, Bengaluru, India

“I’m truly amazed with The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge. I did not know Asthma Reversal is possible until I came across this challenge. 

This course has been planned very comprehensively. I’m really impressed.

It’s like a step by step guide, very well articulated by Roshni through her video lessons. And her powerful process recordings are actually result giving. Not just that, there are some processes that can help even after being Asthma free!

What I really appreciate about Roshni, is her approach, which gives priority to root cause analysis and then work on the symptoms.

It’s always a great experience with Roshni.”




Doctor, Europe

“I offer my gratitude to Roshni for conducting such paramount programmes and helping people around the world. 

This Challenge focuses on reversing symptoms instead of just managing them which is a very powerful initiative towards creating an Asthma-free world. And especially, coming from Roshni, this can be a real blessing to all asthmatic patients. 

I as someone who has participated in different programmes arranged by Roshni, I can vouch for the miraculous power her session holds. I fully trust her proficiency in conducting such vital programmes. 

It’s a great opportunity. You must not let it pass.”




CEO, Sappiheal OY, Finland

“This is an amazing program that includes very powerful recordings and video lessons which play an important part in the challenge. Not just that, it also includes clear well well-written and simple to understand workbooks for every stage. 

The challenge takes you through different stages for healing at the deepest levels of mind, body and spirit. 

Full of authenticity and integrity, this is truly a gift of healing. 

You should really try it out.” 

Imagine What It Will Be Like To...

Feel Like A New Person

To be able to breathe and live fearlessly. Shine with confidence and feel in control.

Achieve Peak Performance

To be able to work through your goals without hiccups. Make your decisions, work plans and act on them, without having to worry about an attack.

Truly Enjoy Your Relationships

Spend more fulfilling time with your loved ones, without feeling guilty or limited in any way in your relationships.

Live Life To It’s Fullest

To be able to play your favourite sport or enjoy your fun outings. To be able to travel with ease and enjoy adventure trips! To be able to live freely without letting Asthma control every aspect of your life.


Sure it sounds great…
…but how do I know this is reliable?

Research Based Formula With Result Giving Expertise

These sessions have been created by a highly trained, award winning therapist, Roshni Mehrotra herself. This is an evidence based program. Roshni has spent thousands of hours studying this subject in depth, has gone through plenty of cutting edge neuroplasticity research and has observed a great number of clients across the globe who she has helped in transforming their health and life through her personal sessions before creating this program.

Other’s Experience With Roshni And Her Programs

What EXACTLY Are You Getting…?!

Asthma Reversal Course On The market!

Why? Because...

This challenge doesn’t work just on a surface level.
It works through the deeper layers, the inner crevices of your mind.
It’s more like taking therapeutic sessions with Roshni.

It’s not a read through course.
It’s an action based program, in which you will be required to do small,
simple tasks each day, with guidance provided at each step,
helping you take small steps towards recovery.

It’s a well structured program.
It covers all aspects that are necessary for long-term benefit.
You simply need to go step by step as guided all through.

You are not on your own.
You have a supportive community ready to help each other along the path. Also, your progress is personally monitored by Roshni post 21 days
through 4 follow-ups spread over the year.

Most Asthma courses teach only how to manage or cope with Asthma.
This Asthma reversal Challenge can help you totally reverse Asthma
and experience real change.

The 21 Days Curriculum

Onboarding Stage: Setting Yourself Up For Victory

Warm-Up 1: The Structure Of This Challenge

Warm-Up 2: How To Get Most Out Of this Challenge

Warm-Up 3: Boost Your Motivation

Warm-Up 4: Take The Pre-Challenge Self Assessment

Stage 1: Believing In Your Recovery

Day 1: Uncover Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Recovery

Day 2: Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Day 3: Changing Critical Belief Instantly (Transformational Hypnosis) 

Stage 2 : Uprooting Asthma 

Day 4: Finding The Root Cause Of Asthma

Day 5: Root Cause Regression

Day 6: Release Emotional Baggage (EFT+Affirmations) 

Stage 3 : Reconstructing Asthma Free Body 

Day 7: Technique To Stop And Prevent Asthma Attacks 

Day 8: Hypnosis To Return Body To Its Original Functioning 

Day 9: Change Your Health History (Transformational Hypnosis) 

Stage 4 : Getting Calmer 

Day 10: Release Stress Stored In Body: Guided Meditation 

Day 11: Change Your Experience With Critical Stressors

Day 12: Get In Love With Yourself 

( Assignment + Meditation) 

Stage 5 : Laying Strong Foundation For Abundant Health 

Day 13: Program Your Future (Exercise & Transformational Hypnosis) 

Day 14: Create The Right Beliefs (Assignment + Hypnosis)

Day 15: Cultivate Habits of Super- Healthy People 

Stage 6 : Living The Healthy Future You 

Day 16: Choosing Expression Over Suppression 

Day 17: Making Some Space For ‘Yourself’

Day 18: Mastering Gratitude 

Stage 7 : Reward Yourself 

Day 19: Align With Your Inner Power (Higher Self Meditation) 

Day 20: Take The Post-Challenge Self-Assessment 

Day 21: Celebrate “Your” Success & Submit Your First Progress Report



Beyond the 21 days, Roshni will personally monitor your progress
 and provide invaluable guidance where required. Through 4 Follow-ups  including 
2 Progress Report Reviews and 2 virtual One-On-One Follow-Up Sessions, 
spread over the year, with a spacing of 3 months each, 
Roshni ensures that your journey towards Asthma Reversal is not just a temporary fix, but 
a lasting transformation!

What’s All Included…?!

Step-By-Step Video Training By Roshni

To Show You Exactly What You Need To Do & How To Reverse Your Symptoms.

Editable Workbook For Each Stage

These You can Download On Your Computer, Fill It In & Save Your Work. You Can Even Print It.

Exclusive Hypnosis Mp3s, Processes & Tools By Roshni

These Would Not Only Aid Asthma-Reversal But Also Support You Greatly In Your Life’s Journey.

Lifetime Access, Community Support & Follow-Ups With Roshni

So That You Can Take Up This Journey To Live Asthma Free, Without Any Stress.

This highly optimised 21-day program can reward you with nearly instant results, and all for less than the cost of your medical expenses and hospital visits.

Take A Quick Tour Around Your Membership Area!

Upon Checkout, you will immediately be emailed your login credentials to The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge Membership Area where you will have all of your Materials waiting for you to access INSTANTLY!

PLUS Order Now And Receive

Bonus #1


Transformational Hypnosis MP3

*Total Value - $99*

Based on a proven process, this is a powerful transformational hypnosis audio guided by Roshni. This has the power to reprogram your mind to be free from any sort of allergy!

> Can Give Instant Results.

> Easy To Download Mp3 Format.

> Lifetime Access


When You Join The 21-Day Challenge Now!

Bonus #2


Sleep Hypnosis MP3

*Total Value - $49*

No more tossing and turning. Good sleep is key to good health. This hypnosis, based on guided imagery aids deep and peaceful sleep. Guided by Roshni, this deeply soothing recording  interlaced with soft hum and heart warming imagery will put you to sleep within minutes, just like a baby!

> Sleep Easily, Wake Up Fresh.

> Easy To Download Mp3 Format.

> Lifetime Access


When You Join The 21-Day Challenge Now!

Bonus #3


Transformational Hypnosis MP3

*Total Value - $99*

Based on a very powerful process, guided by Roshni, this transformational hypnosis  can reprogram your mind to get rid of negative thoughts or emotional blockages within minutes and reset your day in a positive way. Be it your office or home, do it and get instant results.

 > Experience A Difference Instantly.

> Easy To Download Mp3 Format.

> Lifetime Access


When You Join The 21-Day Challenge Now!

Bonus #4


Easy to Understand E-Guide

*Total Value - $23*

An easy to follow guide, explaining certain breathing techniques for Asthma that are highly recommended by modern experts. These techniques can improve your respiratory and lung functions. This guide gives you the choice to use the one that works best for you!

> Easy To Follow Instructions

> Evidenced Based Techniques

> Lifetime Access


When You Join The 21-Day Challenge Now!

Bonus #5


Exclusive E-Book

*Total Value - $27*

A comprehensive guide comprising of some powerful yet simple Pranayama and Yoga asanas that can aid greatly in faster recovery from Asthma, and explains exactly how to go about it, step by step, with pictures!

> Easy To Follow Instructions.

> Recommended By Trained Yoga Teachers.

> Lifetime Access


When You Join The 21-Day Challenge Now!


  • 19 Video Lessons ($1445 Value)
  • 5 Transformational Hypnosis ($495 Value)
  • 1 Root Cause Regression ($51 Value)
  • 3 Hypnotic Meditations ($98 Value)
  • 8 Workbooks ($240 Value)
  • 5 Bonus Downloads ($297 Value)
  • A Private Community To Help Each Other Along This Path (Invaluable)
  • Follow-Up Sessions with Roshni (Invaluable)

Total Value: $2626+!

Now, while the total value of this challenge is over two and a half thousand dollars, you won’t be paying anything near that amount today. We are offering this for an unbelievably low price, only because, we want to make it accessible to as many Asthma sufferers as possible and help them bring in the extraordinary transformation in their health so that, their inner soul can smile and they can live life in most fulfilling ways…

Join The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge Today For Only $99.95!

Due To Recent Global Events, We Have Decided To Offer The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge and ALL Of The Bonuses For an Additional Discount Of Over 50% OFF For the Next 48 HOURS…!!


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Right Now


ONLY $49.91!!


No Way You Can Lose

You’re Protected With Our No Risk Money Back Guarantee For 30 Days

We are so confident in the value offered in The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge, that if you don’t notice any significant difference in your symptoms or in the way you think or feel, despite undergoing all processes and implementing the techniques, we will refund every cent of your money. Easy!



Awarded the prestigious, Dr. Abdul Kalam Proud Indian Award for the category - Extraordinary Transformation Therapist And Coach.

Featured on many news portals.

Invited as an Expert for T.V. show.

Valued globally by clients for her miraculous results.

Acknowledged by medical doctors for having completely reversed symptoms of chronic diseases like Asthma and Auto-Immune to name a few.

Roshni Mehrotra has been a medium in transformation of umpteen lives across the globe including but not limited to the Bollywood celebrities, T.V. artists, and the CEO’s of multi-billion dollar companies. 

Roshni believes that every problem has a deep rooted core issue which needs to be resolved for permanent solution.She uses her knowledge in an exceptional way that gives rapid and permanent results to people-making her the #1 therapist of all time. 

Roshni is often heard saying “Everything is possible with the power of our mind”. Her mission is to awaken mankind to their minds true and full potential, and empower them to transform their lives and health. Her natural inclination towards humanity makes her stand out in her expertise.


As soon as you buy the course, we will get your username and password sent to your email for immediate access to your membership area. You will find all your course material and bonuses there. Every day one lesson will open up for you.

You will have Lifetime Access to The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge!

The Challenge begins on the day you purchase it.

Absolutely. Once you have purchased it, you have Lifetime access to all the course materials. You can take it at your own pace, and come back to it or retake it at any time. However, for maximum benefit, we strongly recommend not to skip any part of the challenge. Only after you have truly completed the task of the given day, move up to the next day.

Certainly it can. This Challenge can help you return your body to healthy functioning. Also, some of the powerful processes are such that can help you in many areas of your life, even after you may have become Asthma Free. Roshni has put in everything she’s learned and studied through her extensive experience in this Challenge so that participants can truly achieve abundant health and live a fulfilling life.

This Challenge can deliver fast results. It’s highly possible to see quick improvement that can be quantified. 

Please do not stop any medication on your own. Although it is highly possible that from Day 7 onwards, using the technique shown by Roshni, you will be able to suppress attacks without needing an inhaler and gradually the attacks may totally cease, you must take reviews from your doctor and as you improve and maintain the state, your doctor may decide to taper medicines (if any) and then eventually withdraw them.

We have an AMAZING customer support team here at Smile With Roshni! If you ever have any questions about anything having to do with your materials, technical issues, or even just need help with something in the course, our support team is available 7 days a week and will respond to all emails/support tickets within 12 hours (but usually MUCH sooner!) You can contact our support team through your membership portal or you can email them directly at 

Absolutely. Roshni truly intends to help you be Asthma-Free. So if at all you have any questions regarding any lesson, please ask. All your questions will be answered.

Although you can use any of your devices such as Laptop, Computer, iPad, tablet or even smartphone, we recommend using a Laptop or Desktop for more engaging experience.





Director Compliances, Pharma company, New Delhi, India

“I suffered from unexplained uneasiness and severe breathing issues due to which I couldn’t even sleep.

None of the prescribed medicines were helping. Doctors were clueless. 

I happened to hear about Roshni and I decided to consult her. In just a few sessions, I was totally fine. I could breathe properly and sleep well too. She is excellent.”




Investment Banker, Mumbai, India

“I suffered from a rare kind of Brittle Asthma. Three Chest Physicians and One Homeopath who treated me during this period could only provide a temporary relief. 

The asthmatic attacks were very unpredictable in my case and it would trouble me anywhere anytime which, in turn, affected my personal and professional life.

I never believed therapy can reverse Asthma or any disease for that matter. But when I contacted Roshni, I experienced the miracle for real.

No more I have to carry the emergency inhaler which in the past I made sure was with me every minute.

May I convey a Special Thanks to Roshni for this amazing transformation in my life which neither I nor my doctors could ever dream of!!!”




Vice President, Investment Bank, Mumbai, India

“I used to get an uncontrollable urge to pass urine so frequently, that it made me run from middle of things .

Hence, I started feeling anxious even by thinking of going to office, attend meetings or even to travel. And if I attempted to travel, I ended up with breathing attacks.

This was affecting my personal and professional life a great deal. I sought help from many doctors but was not getting any relief. 

Then I decided to take session from Roshni and in just one session my world had changed. My frequent urge for urination TOTALLY STOPPED and so did my attacks. 

In fact, post session I could go on a 6 hours journey for my wedding anniversary with NO difficulty at all. I couldn’t believe it as even a short travel from home to office used to be a nightmare for me. It’s been years now but those issues never came back. I’m so thankful to Roshni!” 

What Are You
Waiting For...?

You Have Just Been Offered A Rare Opportunity To Reverse Asthma 

Under The Guidance Of Roshni Mehrotra With A Proven Process.

RIGHT NOW, the only thing standing between you and the life of your DREAMS is 

your ability to SAY YES.

Don’t let this be another missed opportunity you will look back on with regret, 

always thinking of, “What might have been…?”

What if RIGHT NOW is the moment you will look back on in a year and say,

That really was the moment that changed EVERYTHING!


You Are Getting…

The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge PLUS All Bonuses

A Total Offer VALUE Of

Over $2626!

Today's Price Only $99.95!!

Due To Recent Global Events, We Have Decided To Offer The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge and ALL Of The Bonuses For an Additional Discount Of Over 50% OFF For the Next 48 HOURS…!!

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Upon Checkout, you will immediately be emailed your login credentials to The 21-Day Asthma Reversal Challenge Membership Area where you will have all your Materials, and Bonuses waiting for you to access INSTANTLY!


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