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Your Pain Longs For Contentment…Not A Mask



Your Pain Longs For Contentment…Not A Mask

Many of us try to cover our true emotions with a mask. For some, this mask may be humour, for some, partying, for some, work , a variety of masks are worn by people, choosing the one they are more confident would appear natural, the one they can carry comfortably. BUT, ignoring or suppressing  the way you actually feel, through some mechanism, is it actually helping you?

Take a deep look within and ask yourself..whatever the situation, no matter how intense the turbulence, stay there and ask yourself, are you genuinely happy and peaceful within? and if this mask you think gives you joy, for how long?

Some of you already know it and have been experiencing it for quite some time, some, may be revealed now that your unquiet mind is living in a tangled web of negative emotions.. Running away from these is not going to help, if it had to, it would have by now. Rather, these would manifest as confusions, indecisiveness, diseases and disharmony in every aspect of the self, hindering your self growth, and leave you feeling sad, hurt and depleted of your energies. The first step towards healing is acceptance,  acceptance of the real you and its feelings.

Once accepted, ask yourself, “Why I need to be healed?” If the answer is I need to heal because I want to “feel” that happiness and “live” my life, not just pass it, then rest assured you have just experienced a healing breakthrough.

You know what to do next.

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