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I had been suffering from a rare kind of Brittle Asthma since March 2013. Three Chest Physicians and One Homeopath who treated me during this period could only provide a temporary relief since my diagnostic reports were normal except for a high level of Serum IgE which is an allergic factor. However, an asthmatic attack could never be predicted and it would trouble me anywhere anytime which, in turn, affected my personal and professional life. I happened to contact Roshni when I came across this website and attended a Destress Lifehop which helped me handle a few life situations very well. In January 2018, I attended an Eye-Opener Talk by Roshni from which I learnt a technique which helped me. I could suppress my asthmatic attacks using the same technique without using my emergency inhaler. After five such occasions, these episodes ceased. Starting February 2018, I have not suffered a single Asthmatic attack and today I have completed one month after my medication has been withdrawn completely and two weeks without carrying my emergency inhaler which was otherwise a part of my attire.
May I convey a Special Thanks to Roshni for this amazing transformation in my life which neither I nor my doctors could ever dream of!!!
TTM, Mumbai, India
I have experienced a major transformation in my professional life. Incredible but true. Thanks a ton Roshni!!
R, Mumbai, India


Extremely calm and very supportive…helped me gain a lot of perspective about things and get a hold   back on my life..

A, Hongkong


I have witnessed a major transformation in my emotional health and in my life. I never thought this could happen but the miracle did happen. I’m truly grateful to you Roshni…Can never thank you enough.

Lot of Respect

G, Afghanistan


The best thing about Roshni is that she doesn’t just start giving advices based on surface issues that we go with. Rather she process to find out and help us discover our own ‘core issue’ and then accordingly suggest a therapeutic route. For me, she had recommended PLR and she was bang on right as I have experienced wonderful transformation in me and my approach to life. Many Thanks!

H, Mumbai, India


Can’t thank Roshni enough. Experiencing amazing changes.

Khan, Mumbai, India


I have taken PLR sessions so many times earlier, sometimes for suicidal feelings, sometimes for other issues but something or the other kept happening but after I took sessions from Roshni, after she figured my core issue, I feel sorted and am doing very well for a long time now. Thank you so much Roshni!

A, Mumbai, India


I attended Roshni’s De-Depression LifeHop in Delhi. This workshop helped me a lot in many ways and made me think in positive direction. It taught me various techniques of meditation. It also taught me how to think in various situations and reduce errors in thinking. I am really thankful to mam for what I learnt inside the session.

A.G. New Delhi, India


 I have attended one of Roshni’s LifeHop, it was transformational. Trust me, never experienced or seen any workshop as powerful as this. Purely experiential, no PPT.

S, Thailand


My grand daughter was suffering from chronic muscular pain for last two years. Doctors were not sure of the reason. Even did MRI. Took allopathy, homeopathy but nothing helped. Finally our family doctor referred us to Roshni and the change began. Just after few sessions, she was perfectly alright and doing well now. Thank you very much…

Pillai, Mumbai, India


Roshni is awesome. Have witnessed unbelievable shift in my life. Thanks a lot!

A, Afghanistan


Have attended her several LifeHops. Each one of it is unique and will remain a high point of my life. Look forward to many more!

T, Mumbai, India


I have attended one of Roshni’s LifeHop recently. ‘Excellent’ is all I can say. Very different than what most of us would assume. Result giving.

P, Mumbai, India


I have taken personal session from Roshni. Honestly I used to believe that my traumas can never go away…but thank you so much mam…all traumas went away after sessions with you. It’s like a miracle for me. Thanks again!

A, Oman


Excellent seminar session. Really good. Great effort and learned new things. I would very much recommend the seminar.

 Ajay Mumbai, India
Attended Roshni’s LifeHop. It’s awesome…strongly recommend to all..should attend once in your lifetime…

Jayshree Mumbai, India 


Attended De-Depression LifeHop. I found the workshop good and motivating. Initially when I came here I was a bit doubtful about it. But when I went through it I found it very beneficial. I found it applicable for our day to day activities, other than the relaxation techniques. the thought dispute was a technique I liked because I could practice it anytime in my mind and would help me in dealing with daily problems. Thank you Mam.

N, New Delhi, India

An amazing gifted therapist who is humane and polite. Extremely easy to speak to and her accurate assessment makes the treatment events absolutely effective . Dr. Roshni Mehrotra is at the top of the game. I would recommend her for personal counseling sessions as well as her BRILLIANT Life Hops workshops. God bless her and I wish her continued success with which she changes lives. The best therapist ever.Thanks

 Hpatel, Mumbai India


There was a time when I was so vulnerable that I wanted to go to a psychiatrist and start medication but I’m glad I found Roshni and listened to her, and she treated me only through therapy, without any medication and today I’m completely OK. Will always be greatful to her.
Savita Mumbai, India


I had taken a PLR session with Roshni and am amazed to see positive change in my life and issues getting resolved.

S, Mumbai, India


Excellent work. Strong recommendation for all those who need therapy.

Sayalee Mumbai, India


Excellent psychologist.

Anurag Delhi, India


I had taken a past life regression therapy from Roshni during my visit to India. Experiencing positive changes. I must say Roshni is wonderful with her work.

M. Singapore


I had been to other counsellor earlier but the way Roshni dealt with my issue from the core and holistically was amazing. After meeting her, I realised counselling is not just about talking, its about therapy. She is very good.

R, Mumbai, India


She is excellent with her work and very sincere and genuine.

Usha Mumbai, India


She is brilliant in her subject and literally masters it to perfection. I had taken a PLR and am experiencing amazing change.

M. Rastogi Mumbai, India


I have often talked to Roshni at points in my life where I felt like the problems I was facing were overwhelming and irresolvable. Each time talking to Roshni helped me to understand my feelings and make sense of the situation. This always made me feel calmer, but Roshni did not leave me there. She then guided me to make decisions regarding the problems so that I left knowing how I was going to deal with them. It is often incredibly difficult to decide what the best thing to do is, let alone have the courage to go ahead and do it. I have found Roshni’s help and support invaluable. I am extremely thankful for the positive changes Roshni has played a part in creating in my life and through me in the lives of others around me.

Elissa Perth, Australia


When my sister Sunita was diagnosed with schizophrenia, we all were shaken up and my sister was in any case getting traumatised by her symptoms and becoming aloof. Although she was started on psychiatry medication, a lot more was needed for her to have a life. We were referred to Roshni. After meeting her, we felt so comfortable and relieved. She helped us understand the disorder and guided us at every step with appropriate suggestions to deal effectively with my sister. She also helped my sister deal with her fears and hallucinations in a constructive way. The easier it sounds here, the difficult situation it was, but with immense patience and warmth, Roshni has helped my sister and us in coping positively with the disorder. My sister’s disorder has not cured but it doesn’t seem like a ‘disorder’ anymore. My sister is in fact working today. Thank you very much Roshni for your constant support.

-Sunita and Family, Mumbai, India


There has been many a time, when I have ended up myself in a confused state of mind.In this situation, consulting Roshni was a good decision. Her in-depth understanding and quality of analyzing a person’s characteristics, past experiences and problems and, suggesting implementable solution makes me consult her each time I am in a dilemma. Counselling with Roshni was definitely a good way to get solutions to my problems. Moreover, she helped me understand and apply the difference between favourable and unfavourable thoughts and skills to decision making.Many thanks to her….

-Vishal London, UK


I was pursuing M.B.B.S. and had moved to stay in a hostel and since then was having adjustment issues along with extreme feelings of sadness and loneliness. I was anxious all the time and felt inferior to others. As a result, it was getting nearly impossible for me to focus on studies and started fearing exams. I’m glad I sought counselling from Roshni. Before having met her, I was sceptical like anyone else would be but in the first session itself I knew I have reached the right place. After six systematic sessions with her, I was a positive and assertive person. In fact, I even performed very well in my exams. Roshni, you made me realize my worth and today I believe ‘I’m Special’. Thank you is a small word.

-Shraddha Mumbai, India


Until I had met Roshni, I was very shy and found it immensely difficult to convey my messages correctly. But due to Roshni’s cool attitude and motivation, I gained a new confidence in myself and as a surprise to myself had begun to talk frankly and confidently. She helped me discover the ‘true me’. Sessions with Roshni helped me reveal my true potential and made me reach to solutions of my problems. It was after her guidance that I had developed a positive attitude and had realized a new strength within to attain my goals. Frankly speaking, today I have managed to achieve most of the short-term goals. Thanks to Roshni! She is just amazing.

Niraj Mehta Interior designer.
London, UK


Hi Roshni,

I would like to thank you for your help and support over the past year. We have had several sessions over this period each of which I felt were beneficial. I have found it very easy to relate to you and found your suggestions to be very considerate and helpful.

Prior to our sessions I had recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and had some substance abuse issues. After each session, I felt relaxed and more equipped to deal with my current situation. I have used several other psychologists and found that your warm respectful manner allowed me to develop a rapport very quickly. I would highly recommend your services to anyone with mental health issues or experiencing personal difficulties.




I had been in a phase in which due to social pressures and feelings of guilt it was incredibly difficult for me to make an important decision in life. I was not even prepared to meet any counselor but today I thank my stars for having a session with Roshni. It felt as if all the pressure from my heart had been taken away. I felt a lot lighter. After so many days I had a good night sleep! Thank you Roshni…

-P, India


Dear Roshni,

Thank you so much for accepting my request of giving me a session in my home. Talking to you was truly a nice experience. Your kind support and most needed motivation helped me in taking charge of my life. I’m glad I met you.

Warm Regards,
R, Kolkata, India


You are God sent Roshni. Like an angel you’ve been there to help me sail through my tough and most painful situation in life. I am greatful.

Diva, Mumbai, India


I’m a married woman who had once attempted suicide. I experienced feelings of sadness and anger. However, my awareness of feelings was only at a superficial plane, related to my reactions to day to day situations. I was referred to Roshni for counselling. Sessions that I took from her helped me become aware and understand the real cause behind my feelings and behaviour which was rooted in my past. Sessions with her gradually transformed me to being in control and have positive outlook towards life. Today, I’m leading a happy life with my family.

– Kunda, Mumbai, India