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A note by Roshni Mehrotra for you

RoshniLife is a cycle of varied situations and stages. With every stage our priorities tend to change, but there is one need that remains constant- the need to be ‘happy’. I’ll be glad to help you seek that happiness. Many a time life leaves us suffocated with an urge to reveal our pain but we choose to suffer quietly. Reasons could be plenty with one common thought being- to say what and to whom…? Come to me and let your pain flow. I will listen to you…Together we will open that window through which the bright rays of hope would enter into your lives.

My psychology background and intense outlook in life assist me to understand the complications my clients may be experiencing. My experience and knowledge of several therapies allows me to select a therapy that best suits the problems of a respective client. Today, millions of people are getting shackled into loneliness and depression. My pursuit is to bring smiles back into their lives.