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Roshni Mehrotra is a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and a certified Past Life Regression Therapist. She was in the top ranking in her Master’s degree professional program in Clinical Psychology which she pursued at S.N.D.T. University Mumbai, a merit holder in a Diploma in Psychology with a specialization in Counselling, accredited by British Psychological Society from London, U.K., Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from CHI-USA and a NLP Master Practitioner License by Richard Bandler (SNLP), the co-developer of NLP. Roshni has earned several accolades and been  in expert panel of a mental health TV show on Care World TV. Spiritually evolved, Roshni is internationally appreciated for her mystic effect in times of agony. Her natural inclination towards humanity makes her stand out in her expertise. Her endearing ways of resolving the most intricate situations ‘holistically’ with ease and helping one with her apt counselling and a well suited therapeutic modality in times of need, makes her the most sought after counsellor of our times.

anote-A note by Roshni