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This comprehensive program has been personally curated by Roshni to help you reverse Asthma completely and live a more fulfilling life. Under Roshni’s guidance, you will be able to create new empowering neural pathways in your mind and experience a profound shift in your symptoms at a cellular level. This course not only includes remarkable tools and processes but also one-on-one follow-up sessions with Roshni because Roshni knows you can be Asthma-free and wants to ensure you be Asthma-free, but what matters is, YOU knowing you can be Asthma-free, commit and DO IT.



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  1. Surbhi

    This Asthma Reversal Challenge is really result giving. Every given process, whether it be a written exercise or the recordings of therapy processes, all are truly powerful. You actually will feel the difference. Also, Roshni has explained everything in such a simplified way, sharing researches and case studies, guiding each day step by step and her genuineness reflects clearly through her videos. Rest depends on time and efforts we put in with sincerity.

  2. Arjun Sodhi

    This is undoubtedly an amazing program. It holds so much value I can’t tell you. Every exercise, every process that has been given is so powerful. And it has been guided step by step in a simplified way. I find this very helpful. It definitely has the power to not only overcome the problem of Asthma but also transform us as a human over-all. However, I must mention it is not just an information based course, you will have to do the tasks assigned for each day to experience the real change in your condition. So if you are someone who is really willing to bring in change, and ready to take action, don’t think twice I would say.

  3. Nidhi Rana

    I’m truly amazed with The 21 days Asthma Reversal Challenge. I did not know Asthma Reversal was possible until I came across this challenge.

    This course has been planned very comprehensively.
    I am really impressed.

    It’s like a step by step guide, very well articulated by Roshni through her video lessons. And her powerful process recordings are actually result giving. Not just that, there are some processes that can help even after being Asthma free!

    What I really appreciate about Roshni, is her approach, which gives priority to root cause analysis and then work on the symptoms.

    It’s always a great experience with Roshni.

  4. Ghazal

    I’m Dr. Maher from Europe. I offer my gratitude to Roshni for conducting such paramount programmes and helping people around the world.
    This challenge focuses on reversing symptoms instead of just managing them which is a very powerful initiative towards creating an Asthma-free world. And especially, coming from Roshni, this can be a real blessing to all asthmatic patients.
    I as someone who has participated in different programmes arranged by Roshni, I can vouch for the miraculous power her session holds. I fully trust her proficiency in conducting such vital programmes. It’s a great opportunity. You must not let it pass.

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