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The Day Your Soul Decide To Be Healed, The Doubts Would Fade Away Past Life Regression Therapy: A Powerful Healing Modality

Many people often ask me “how can you take me to past life?” The ground reality is it’s not me or any other therapist that takes you to a past life, it’s “your” mind.

Our mind is like an iceberg, and our conscious mind is like the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ that lies above the water, and holds what you’re aware of . You can share your conscious experience without any effort and can perceive and think about it logically.

The submerged part of an iceberg is like our subconscious mind that contains all of the information that you have ever learnt, read, heard or experienced, not only as a child in current life, even while being in the womb and also, in all other lifetimes.

These stored memories cannot be retrieved in normal waking consciousness. It can be accessed during a deep state of trance or altered states of consciousness. Meditation also produces deep levels of relaxation or altered states of consciousness. This is the reason why past life memories often open up spontaneously during meditation.

We as therapists only facilitate the process. Once the client is guided into a state of trance, with the help of hypnosis and relaxation methods, client’s mind is pointed towards the source of problem, and in case this source or the problem that one may be facing is past life related,client’s mind automatically gets led to that past life which has a significant connection with the problem in current life. We as therapists simply help you clear the blockages that you may have carried forward into your current life and hence be facing some appearing to be irresolvable problems.

Past Life Regression Therapy is a healing modality, used worldwide,because of its effectiveness in unblocking blocked energies from past lifetimes. Blocked energies means that we as souls from any one or multiple of past lives may carry some trauma, belief, guilt, fear etc. which act as a block in our current lives.

PLR is mostly recommended when a certain pattern is evident from the history of a person, suggesting the root of the problem may be lying in some past life; when logic fails to defy a particular situation or it may seem there is no solution to the problem and you are left asking to yourself “Why is it happening to me?” or what is causing it..and this bombardment of why, what, how, where, and when might leave one feeling lost, conflicted, or in a discord.  Some indications of unresolved past experiences are: irrational fears, unexplained and recurring physical pains or sensations, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, persistent feelings of panic, anger, guilt, depression, disturbing thoughts, feeling blocked, emotional outbursts, low self-esteem, self-harm, numbness, recurring relationship issues within family, couples, work or social contacts, repetitive patterns of self-sabotage.

PLR Therapy can be a transformative and insightful process for anyone, who is willing to be healed, regardless of their beliefs. PLR can help you to:

  • Know, understand and resolve the root causes of the current issues
  • Heal painful old memories and traumas
  • Overcome fears, phobias ,and generalised anxiety
  • Get a better understanding of your relationships and improve them
  •  Clear obstacles and encourage progress
  • Understand and align with life purpose
  • Rediscover hidden talents and potential
  • Identify old friends and soul mates
  •  Free yourselffrom the fear of death
  • Gain direction into challenging issues in your life
  •  Heal your physical problems

I know there are some who criticize this therapy, challenging the existence of past life but that doesn’t bother me to hold any grudge against them or be provoked to get into any critical debate as I believe, it’s their choice. What matters is, there are many more who have benefitted from PLR. For me, that is important. So, my focus here is to help you understand PLR as a therapy.

By re-experiencing the key events of a Past Life and reprogramming its impact, we can help to bring closure to the traumatic events of that lifetime. This releases blocked energy, enables us to experience freedom and move forward more freely in the present. Even if one believes these “memories” are not true Past Life experiences, they function as symbolic stories and are equally as effective in resolving current life issues.

An unquiet, unhealed mind lives in a tangled web of negative emotions, which is a hindrance for any growth of the Self. We are all on a journey of soul evolvement as we live out our human lives on planet Earth. However, many a time there appear road blocks in that all important soul journey of ours … road blocks which manifest as confusions, diseases, disharmony in every aspect of the Self. Consequently, we are left feeling depressed, hurt and depleted of our energies.

We tend to wonder about the eternal ‘what … where … how … why … when did we go wrong?’ Healing the Self is really about taking a deep look within to find the answers to these questions. Asking ourselves “Why do I need to heal?” If the answer to that question is that I need to heal because I choose no dis-ease or depression or disturbance in my life, then rest assured you have just experienced a healing breakthrough.

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