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We all love our dear ones, yet we happen to take them for granted and may fail to notice or understand what they must be going through…taking it as a part of life or person’s nature. Just because we are not in that situation, going through the stress what other may be going through either not being able to relate to it or comparing with your lows and thinking if you managed (you may even happen to boast about it ) so would they and, neglect them. Or, you may happen to advice them too much. But this attitude can sometimes make us regret later..No one thinks their dear ones can ever suicide, but yet they often do. So, before it’s too late –

(A) Become Aware

People who die by suicide are frequently experiencing undiagnosed, undertreated, or untreated depression.

A number of other things may put a person at risk of suicide, including:

  1. A family history of suicide.
  2. Substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol can result in mental highs and lows that exacerbate suicidal thoughts.
  3. Intoxication. More than one in three people who die from suicide are found to be currently under the influence.
  4. Access to firearms.
  5. A serious or chronic medical illness.
  6. A history of trauma or abuse.
  7. Prolonged stress.
  8. Isolation.
  9. A recent tragedy or loss.
  10. Agitation and sleep deprivation.

(B)  Recognize and take Seriously, The Thoughts of Suicide:

Threats or comments about killing themselves, also known as suicidal ideation, which may seem to you just an outburst of anger or negative attitude can become more overt and dangerous. Some examples of such thoughts are:

  1. “Life isn’t worth living”
  2. “ I wish I was not here in this world”
  3. “ My family will be better off without me”
  4. “ You’ll be sorry when I’m gone”
  5. “ Life is unbearable”
  6. “ I won’t be around to deal with that”
  7. “ I will soon be out of your way”
  8. “ You’ll no more have any trouble from me”
  9. “ I wish I were dead”
  10. “ I have a plan to kill myself”
  11. “ Next time I’ll ensure I have taken the right amount of pills”

(C)  Recognize Behavioural Signs & Get Care Immediately:

  1. Increased alcohol and drug use
  2. Aggressive behavior
  3. Social withdrawal from friends, family and the community
  4. Dramatic mood swings
  5. Talking, writing or thinking about death
  6. Impulsive or reckless behavior
  7. Putting their affairs in order and giving away their possession
  8. Saying goodbye to friends and family
  9. Mood shifts from despair to calm
  10. Planning, possibly by looking around to buy, steal or borrow the tools they need to commit suicide, such as a firearm , rope or prescription medication
  11. Extremely depressed
  12. Not eating, sleeping or bathing
  13. Getting affairs in order (Paying off debts, changing will etc)

What You Can Do To Make a Difference?

  • Do not Advice, Accuse, Shout or be Sarcastic!
  • Just “Listen” to them seriously. Understand.
  • Take initiative and voice your concern.

If someone post suicidal thoughts or shows such behavioural signs on twitter, Facebook or any other platform of social media, please ACT and inform some trustworthy adult (do not think you are betraying the person as the person is in disturbed state of mind, remember you are trying to help the one you care for)

Most Importantly, seek professional help as Mental health professionals are trained to help a person understand their feelings and can improve mental wellness and resiliency.

Those who get these thoughts are not weak, but perhaps giving up…Let’s hold them and get their wounds healed…

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